With a unique selection of flowers, perennials, succulents, vegetables, herbs and water plants, you’ll enjoy filling your garden with quality plants from Joel’s.

Annual Flowers – We start planting seeds and tiny sprouts in February. We carry many colors of petunias, geraniums, begonias and impatiens, as well as a huge selection of other species for different soil and sunshine needs. You won’t find most of these in the big box stores!

Perennials – Lilies, iris, hosta, clematis, sedum and more! Add a few of these each year to your flower beds to fill in around your annuals. In a few years you will be able to divide them for your own gardens or share with friends. Plant several different types to have colorful blossoms spring through fall.


Succulents – Joel and his brother, Ron, have a bit of an obsession with succulents. They have been collecting these fascinating plants for decades. The shapes, textures, and colors are amazing, and can be used inside or outside in your gardens. They are also great plants for fairy gardens. Click here for a list with descriptions of a few of Joel’s succulents.

Vegetables – Nothing tastes better than a home grown tomato! Joel carries many varieties along with cucumbers, melons, peppers, squash, kale and celery, and a full selection of vegetable seeds.

For a complete list of our tomatoes, click here:  Joels tomatos 2018.

For a complete list of our peppers, click here: Joels peppers 2018

For a complete list of our herbs and vegetables, click here: joels herbs and vegetables 2018

For a complete list of our potatoes and onions, click here: joel’s potatos n onions

Herbs – You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to grow your own oregano, mint, parsley, basil and more. Click here to see our selection of herbs, how to use them in your kitchen and a few recipes.

Water Plants – Out of stock